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United Airlines Flights

United Airlines Flight Booking

United Airlines is one of the major airlines of America that has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Commonly known as United, it has an extensive domestic and international passenger base. It is a founder mentor of Star Alliance and operates within seven hubs namely, Chicago-O’Hare, Denver, Los Angeles, Houston International, San Francisco, New york, and Washington Dalles. Being one of the renowned Airlines in the world, it has a broad base of satisfied customers across the globe. Also, the company holds the third position in the world in terms of revenue.

United Airlines Flight Tickets


United Airlines Onboard Amenities

Once your United Airlines reservation has been made, you get access to a big world of in-flight amenities provided by the airlines to its passengers. Below is the list provided:

     United Airlines flights make it a point to give the most exceptional dining experience to its valuable customers. They have collaboration with the Trotter project chefs known to mix and mingle the regional ingredients with modern recipes. Whether you want the flavorful North American food, or want special meals, and beverages with team United, the best quality is warranted.

     Traveling long distance with United gives access to their list of healthy travel tips that help you reach your destination relaxed and stress-free

     Book with us, the United Airlines tickets and enjoy the entree to inflight entertainment through United Private screening to opt for your taste of entertainment. Other options for entertainment includes inflight magazines and Direct TV

     The United passengers are assayed with In-flight power and In-flight wi-fi connectivity

Why book your flight with United Airlines?

     Best United flight deals guaranteed

     Their Loyalty programs, Discounts and Miles promotions are highly rewarding

     Receive the news on special offers by subscribing to its email service

     Purchase the air travel online, and you can redeem the promotional offers by entering the code

     Their service for flight reminders keeps you updated about the flight’s arrival and departure time

     United Airlines caters to the unique travel needs of their customers whether related to seating accommodation, wheelchair accommodation to the passengers or assistance at the airport

Other Benefits

Traveling with United Airlines Business class allows you for speedy check-ins and most relaxed onboard experience.

     As a United Airlines first class traveler, you have access to priority boarding and check-in of two standard bags free of cost

     Stretch out premium seat serves as an icing on the cake for business class travelers that further adds to the comfort factor

     Storage space for storing personal items is nicely planned

     Economy Plus seats provide extra legroom for about six inches and is a deal worthy of the prices charged by the airlines

United Airlines Online Booking

Get United Airlines flight booking with a fantastic offer on United Airlines is one of the best airlines in the USA. You can get information about one-way trip & round trip and its flight booking from travelo1 with special offers. It is one of the leading airlines with many destinations across North America, Europe, Latin America & the Asian market & Indian market too.

United Airlines' special fare includes: 

You can have United Airlines discount tickets if you book in advance. So, book your flights now & enjoy your trip!!! Here you will get international airlines ticket booking & domestic airlines tickets at discounted fares. 

United Airlines runs special fares on different dates, and you can get cheap air tickets. You need to book a United Airlines flight in advance. All the booking details will be available here.  

United Airlines Flight Status

After the purchase, you will get your tickets through the easy-to-use United Airlines website. United Airlines is working day and night to provide better service to its customers. Whenever there is any update about flight booking, it will be updated immediately on United Airlines has its website, too & you can get more information about their flight booking form here. It will be updated constantly for its customers.

United Airlines Web Check-In

If you are on United Airlines' official website, you can check your reservation details on the United Airlines website. You will get all the information about air ticket booking via United Airlines' official website.

United Airlines Check-In Codes

You can also check your reservation details on or click the "Check-in" button. 

United Airlines Flight PNR Status

Once your reservation is successfully made, you will receive an email & PNR status. You can also get PNR by clicking the United Airlines Flight Status link. Also, the website will keep you updated about the check-in process & flight status.

United Airlines Baggage Policy

If you are traveling with family or friends, You can check out their baggage policy on the website. It will help you to know about their baggage policy. Sometimes the airline may charge an extra fee for checked baggage if you have a bulky or overweight bag. United Airlines' baggage fee is according to its policy.

United Airlines Carry on Luggage

It would help if you also carried some hand luggage on your flight. You can check out your United Airlines booking details' carrying luggage details. The permissible dimensions for a carry-on bag are 22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm. Any personal items  Include a laptop bag or a handbag must measure 22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm.

United Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

You will get more information about baggage allowance while booking your flights. You can check all terms and conditions before the items on your baggage policy of United Airlines. There is a lot of other information for passengers like food & beverages, laundry, baby items, medical and personal care items, etc. 

United Airlines Customer Care Number

There is a customer care number on the United Airlines website also. You can call the customer care number on any emergency or check-in-related query at  1 888-220-4974 from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and 9 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

United Airlines Inflight services

We provide very dynamic Inflight service with our following cabins Basic Economy, Economy, Economy Plus, United Business, United First, United Premium, United Premium Plus, United Polaris Business class.

Economy Class Seats

Economic Class is the aircraft's main cabin and where you will find many seats for your comfort. These seats are more spacious than the rest of the seats in our aircraft, and many people prefer sitting here. The comfort level of these seats is also very high, giving a good seating position to your back & legs. These seats are specially designed to give you a great experience while seated on an airplane.

Basic Economy Class

Basic Economy Class is a very affordable and cost-effective way to travel with us. This class offers more flexibility in ticketing and baggage options but far fewer benefits. Basic Economy Class is available on flights between select origin & destination cities, specific routes operated by our Boeing 757 aircraft, and certain international flights.

Economy Plus Class

Economy Plus is an excellent addition to the comfort level of our economy seats. It offers you more legroom, direct aisle access, and priority boarding, among other perks. However, it is not a separate cabin, and you will be seated in the Economy Class.

United Business Class

United Business is a new class of seating offered by United Airlines. It provides wide, reclining seats with 88 inches of pitch & direct aisle access. This class also provides more legroom, recline, and storage room. United Business is positioned above Economy Plus Class on most long-haul aircraft. It also gives you complimentary beverages, an amenity kit & 3-course meal on all long-haul flights. 

United Airlines Polaris Business Class

United Polaris Business Class is a first in class. It offers a premium cabin experience with super comfy seats, fantastic service, and exceptional connectivity. This new cabin has it all, from extra legroom to an individual light that can be dimmed or brightened as desired. 

United Premium Class

United Premium Class is a first-class suite that provides its passengers with the comfort of business class plus the benefits of comfort, service, and hospitality.



Q. Can I reschedule my United Airlines tickets issued for travel?

Ans: Yes, You can reschedule your ticket to any other flights and city. 

Q. Can I cancel my United Airlines tickets issued for travel?

Ans: Yes, You can cancel your ticket any time before 2 hours of departure time. If you want to cancel your ticket, you need a refundable mode of payment method & also; you have to rely on the rule of cancellation charges. 

Q. How much time does United Airlines' flight status take to change?

Ans: United Airlines flight status time is changed instantly. You can check United Airlines flight status anytime with our website. 

Q. Check-In United Airlines flights online?

Ans: Yes, you can check the online United Airlines flight status anytime with our website. You will also get all the information about your booking at United Airlines' official website with all its benefits & privileges. 

Q. United Airlines Baggage policy?

Ans: United Airlines Baggage policy is also available on their website. This information will help you to know about their baggage policy. 

Q. United Airlines Carry on Luggage?

Ans: You can check out the carrying luggage details of United Airlines while you are booking your flights. There is a lot of other information for passengers like food & beverages, laundry, baby items, medical and personal care items, etc. 

Q. United Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance?

Ans: You can also check out the baggage allowance while booking your flights. There is a lot of other information for passengers like food & beverages, laundry, baby items, medical and personal care items, etc. 

Q. Does United Airlines offer web check-in?

Ans: Yes, you can check-in online with your mobile phone or any other device at travelo1.

Q. Does United Airlines offer free cancellation of my tickets?

Ans: If you have purchased a ticket for us, you can cancel it anytime before the departure time of your flight and get a 100 % refund from us. You will be charged the cancellation fee only if you cancel it after departure time or if it is a refundable ticket when canceled within 24 hours of purchase. 






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