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Flights to Portugal

Take a cheap flight to Portugal, one of the most rewarding travel destinations in Europe. Centuries ago, Portugal was a pioneer of worldwide exploration. Until recently, however, it was never as successful in attracting visitors to its own shores. The population of Portugal is over 10 million and majority of them speak Portuguese. The currency used here is Euro.

Outside of greater Lisbon the capital land and, the Algarve, and the island of Madeira, Portugal remained unknown and undiscovered by the mainstream visitor for many decades. Talking about culture, thanks to a strong Catholic influence and decades of repression under Salazar, Portugal remains a traditional, conservative country.

Romarias (religious festivals honoring a patron saint) are taken very seriously, almost as seriously as the results of local football matches. Seafood and wine both figure prominently on local menus, while dreamy, arabesque forms are the strongest features of local architecture. Portugal`s high season is mid-June to mid-September. The climate is temperate, and you`ll find agreeable weather just about everywhere except in the Alto Douro and the Alentejo where summers can be painfully hot and droughts common from April to October.


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